Pre-Conference Courses

NSI Conference sessions are designed to promote active engagement, share innovative techniques, and drive school and community adoption of Naviance. NSI pre-conference courses prepare participants to use these new skills throughout the regular conference sessions, arm attendees with the right vernacular, and provide a baseline of information to use while planning for the next school year.


Main Conference Sessions

See what's coming at this year's conference. 


What's New with eDocs? - Beginner

Learn how Naviance and the Common Application work together to serve students and school professionals through eDocs. Hear about the depth of our partnership and product updates for the 2017-2018 school year. This session is geared toward beginning eDocs users.

Creating a Culture of Success

Students and staff are key to kicking-off a strong Naviance implementation. This session will provide participants with the best practices for driving Naviance adoption among key stakeholders within a school, and thus nurturing a culture of Naviance success.

Aligning District Strategic Plan to Naviance Outcomes

This hands-on session will provide participants with best practices and examples of how to take their strategic plan and align it to the outcomes Naviance can help drive. We will explore the tools available in Naviance to improve visibility into data, increase adoption and buy in, and enhance your overall Naviance implementation. Topics include how to evaluate your strategic plan, develop or update your implementation plan, monitor progress, and assess the results.

Building a Comprehensive Plan

Discover how to build a comprehensive four-year plan for students to connect their course work with their passions and increase engagement.

Implementation Tips and Tricks

Learn tips and tricks from a former counselor and current Hobsons expert on kicking off a Naviance implementation. This session is designed for beginning implementers who are interested in getting up and running.

Maximizing Family Connection

This session will cover unique and creative ways to engage students and use Family Connection to drive outcomes. Our 2016 Take 5! winner will discuss how to leverage Family Connection tools and setup.

Academic & Success Planning

State Mandates and Naviance Course Planner

Learn how to implement District Course Planner as a tool to satisfy state mandates, assist in the planning and scheduling process, and ensure that students achieve their required coursework to graduate.

College and Career Readiness through the Ages

Trace the role of college and career readiness for learners of all ages - kindergarten through graduation. Learn effective approaches, activities, and outcomes for each age group-with a focus on keeping students engaged in a lifetime of learning and growth.

Classroom Success Planner

Explore how to successfully incorporate Naviance Success Planner in the instructional day. This will cover tips, tricks, and best practices.

Meeting the Needs of All Learners with Naviance

Learn how to utilize Naviance in Special Education Programs with a focus on career and study skills. This will be an interactive session, so come prepared to engage.

Dual Credit Two Ways

Dual credit programs are one of the strongest predictors of upward transfer and college completion. Hobsons worked with AASA to survey K12 school administrators and AACRAO to survey college registrars to get both perspectives on the benefits of dual credit programs. Join us to learn about key findings from both surveys, a discussion on the results, and a call to action on how you can support students in these program

Naviance Next Steps

Prepare Rising Seniors for Success

Learn how to help students bring their postsecondary plans to fruition by preparing them for the college application process. Discover best practices including how to build a summer readiness seminar for rising seniors.

Both Sides of the Desk: The Experience from College Visit through Application

Session participants will look at the evolution of the college admissions process, how it is changing for students, counselors, and admissions officers, and how to adapt to the new dynamics. This panel will include perspectives from both the high school and college admissions side of the desk.

Engage: The Career/Military Going Student

This hands-on workshop will explore how to engage students who are interested in examining their postsecondary options, including career programs and the military.

What's New with eDocs? - Returning

Join our annual joint session on the Common Application and Naviance eDocs. Hear about summer updates for the 2017-2018 school year. This session is geared toward returning eDocs users.

Leverage Award-Winning Keys to Success

Hear how finalists of the 2017 Hobsons Education Advances Awards have driven success at their schools and districts. Engage award winners to learn best practices for creating successful and comprehensive college and career readiness programs.

College Fit vs College Match: Supporting First-Generation Students

Learn how to support your students in defining the difference between College Match and College Fit.  Fit is just as important, if not more important, than college match, particularly for first-generation students. Hear more about weaving in financial aid offerings and special services in the college matching process while ensuring students not only get into but complete college.

Data Analytics

Using Data to Manage Up

Want to use data to drive outcomes and help others realize this vision? Join this working session with like-minded peers.

Driving Student Success through Data

Learn how to leverage a scope and sequence with key student success metrics to guide, drive, and measure your Naviance implementation. Priority areas of focus include college exploration, FAFSA tracking, and adding in middle schools. Perspectives include a high-achieving magnet program and a large comprehensive high school.

Are Your Students Matching?

Examine national research and proprietary Naviance (class of 2017) research about how well students are academically matching to colleges. Participants will receive an excel template and instructions for how to measure whether or not your students are matching to eligible colleges using Naviance reports.

Measuring Financial Aid Attainment with Naviance Data

Financial aid and college affordability are among the largest barriers to college access. Learn how to track, measure, and communicate key financial aid-related tasks using Naviance.

Supporting Underserved Student Populations

Explore how data can help close the achievement gap for at-risk and returning dropout student populations as well as broader student audiences. We'll examine how to increase the focus on continuous improvement and build best practices.

Report Like Your Hair is on Fire

This is a rapid-fire workshop on reporting best practices and how to find what you need to drive decisions. This session will be lead by Hobsons experts, but will require audience participation.

Maximizing Community Impact

Starting Early: Working with First Generation Middle School Students

Learn how Edmonds School District has worked with select first-generation students, starting in middle school, to reach their career and college goals.

Engaging School Staff in Implementing Naviance

This session will cover creating a value for staff to use Naviance more, and in turn increase student usage. Finding key staff at a campus to lead the Naviance culture can be difficult, but once the partnership is formed, the campus can begin to embrace Naviance for all of its rich features.

Early and Often: How to Engage Students and Parents in the College Planning Process

Hear about how MSD Pike is engaging parents in the college planning process. This session will cover best practices, engagement tactics for supporting financial aid planning and college matching with students and parents.

It Takes a Village

This panel discussion will look at how to engage non-school entities in post-secondary choice (ex: places of worship, local businesses) to support students in preparing for their futures.

The Many Faces of Naviance: Naviance in a College Access Program

Learn how to use Naviance as a communication/tracking tool when tracking student accomplishments, a learning tool when we are using the College & Career Curriculum, and an exploration tool when students are tasked to complete college and career searches.

Q&A Forum with Keynote Speaker Jessica Lahey

Join us for an open question and answer session with our keynote speaker, Jessica Lahey.

Best Practices for Utilizing the "Community"

This session is an overview of the new counselor community, best practices, ways to engage with college reps, and best practices for building a college visit strategy.


* Speaker confirmations are in progress and sessions are subject to change.